The Flowage is a popular, year-round destination for anglers.  Here’s the fish story.

Mainly Panfish, Northerns, and Bass

You’re most likely to catch sunfish, crappies, northern pike, and largemouth bass.  The Flowage also contains smaller numbers of muskies, smallmouth bass, bullheads, carp, and dogfish.

Stocking History

From 1937 to 1963, the Flowage was stocked regularly with a variety of species—everything from catfish to walleyes.  No stocking occurred from 1963 to 2000.  Since then, the Flowage has been stocked roughly every other year with both sturgeon and muskies.  Despite these various stocking efforts, the Flowage has proven most suited for panfish, northern pike, and largemouth bass.

Preserve the Resource

On days when the fishing is almost too good, please use restraint.  Here on the Flowage, the DNR especially encourages voluntary catch-and-release of bluegills and crappies.  And, while you may encounter some large largemouths in the Flowage, at this latitude they take many years to reach that size.  Please preserve the resource.

Preserve Your Lower Unit

Here on the Flowage, you’ll encounter a few stumps, plus plenty of shallow, rocky reefs.  That sort of structure makes for great fishing.  It can, however, be rough on boat motors.

In the interest of boating safety, our Association has marked many of these hazards—but not all.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Flowage, you may want to keep your speed down, carry a few extra shear pins, and keep an eye out for obstacles.

2 Responses to Fish

  1. Glen Swangren says:

    I love fishing at the Flowage. My dad Ray Swangren knew Don Cuba the owner of the late Charlie Brown’s Resort. We had many great fishing trips in the 1970’s there and I have since returned a couple of times and plan on returning again.

  2. Jean says:

    Hi Glen. Thanks for your comment about fishing in the Flowage. Yes, it’s still a great fishing lake. Hope you are able to visit again soon.

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