We’ve already told you about the fish. The Flowage is also great for pontooners, birders, waterfowlers, and paddlers. 

Boating in the Slow Lane

The Flowage is perfect for a leisurely pontoon ride.  Please note, however, that its stumps, shallows, and abundant aquatic vegetation make it less than ideal for waterskiing or speedboating.

In the interest of boating safety, our Association has marked many of these hazards—but not all.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Flowage, you may want to keep your speed down, carry a few extra shear pins, and keep an eye out for obstacles.

This place is for the birds.

Several pairs of loons, eagles, and ospreys nest here; please enjoy them from a distance.  You may also see trumpeter swans, blue herons, sandhill cranes, terns, kingfishers, sandpipers and other shorebirds, and even the occasional pelican.  If you’re a birder, we’re definitely worth a visit.

If you’re a birder, we’re definitely worth a visit—especially in the spring and fall, when birds are migrating.  And while you’re here, check out the nearby Douglas County Wildlife Management Area, a bird sanctuary that’s managed for sharptail grouse, plover, and other species that prefer a grassland habitat.

A Great Lake for Waterfowling

The Flowage is also popular with waterfowlers.  For ducks and geese, we’re far enough north so you’ll want to be here early in the season.  Later in the season, you’ll see mostly stragglers and coots.  (When the biggest flocks come through just before freeze-up, our “coot Serengeti” is truly a sight to behold.)

Perfect for Paddling

The Flowage is a great destination for canoeing and kayaking.  On most days, it’s quieter than some of the officially “quiet” lakes a county or two over.

Some lakes are round, open, and boring.  Not this one.  We have over 29 miles of meandering, undeveloped shoreline for you to explore.  On windy days, sheltered bays offer a chance to get out of the waves.

When you’re done exploring the Flowage, you’ll find plenty more paddling upstream and downstream from here.

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